Project Artifacts (Deliverables) Templates

This web page aims to provide a collection of all available templates and forms for the project artifacts (deliverables) that may be produced by the supplier as specified in the contract. It also provides a checklist for managing supplier's performance.

To have an overall view of the documentation requirements and the responsibility matrix, expected content of the key deliverables , please refers to the Summary View of Delivery Cycle Deliverables.

Requirements (RQ)
  • Requirements Specification (RS)
  • Requirement Tracking Log
  • Creative Design Brief and Navigation Map (No Template)
    It is highly recommended for web-content based project which relies heavily on web pages delivery, both static HTML pages and/or client-side processing. It helps to define the structure of the site information, navigation, style, creative design theme and categorisation of information.
Analysis & Design (AD)
Test (TT)
Deployment (DP)
Project Management (PM)

MS Project Templates:


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Checklist for Managing Supplier Performance and Progress

When supplier participates in an AA-IT project for delivering an integrated solution, COTS products customization, or development works, below checklist has to be reviewed and agreed with supplier before awarding contract. Details should be specified in the contract, where applicable.

Artifact [RUP]

They are either final or intermediate work products that are produced and used during a project. Artifacts are used to capture and convey project information. An artifact can be any of the following:

  • a document
  • a model, such as the Use-Case Model or the Design Model
  • a model element; that is, an element within a model, such as a class, or a subsystem.

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Last updated on: 26 March, 2013

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