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This web site aims to introduce the defined methodology for system delivery cycle in Information Technology Unit of Airport Authority (AA-IT). It provides all related templates to facilitate external suppliers/vendors in submitting a proposal for and/or participating in a AA-IT delivery project.

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System Delivery Methodology - Overview

Purpose of the System Delivery Methodology (SDM)

The SDM is defined for IT Unit to deliver high quality IT systems. It aims to provide a practical framework for adaption of the process for different project natures in AA environment.

Organisation of the AA System Delivery Methodology

The SDM Framework (ITP-026) provides an overall view of the system delivery methodology, the related glossary and references. Three major categories of delivery projects were identified and three Development Cases (DC) have been defined accordingly for each particular type of project as listed below:

References and links are built throughout the site and documents to quickly access the AA-IT defined procedures, forms, and templates. To have an overall view of the documentation requirements and the responsibility matrix, expected content of the key deliverables, please refers to the Summary View of Delivery Cycle Deliverables.

Related SDM Standards and Procedures

System Delivery Cycle [IEEE]

The period of time that begins with the decision to develop/ deliver a system and ends when the system is delivered to its end user.

Development Case [RUP]

It describes the development/delivery process chosen to follow for a particular delivery project.

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Terms of Use